These wallas are crimbling down,
the floor is caven in,
i fight too grasp something,
but i slip at every chance,
I will soon fall to my knees, as i did before,
this time I fall harder,
the waves crash down, drag me out to sea,
im treding water,
its getting harder to breathe,
there no shore line, not a person in sight,
im going under,
it looks as I might lose this fight,
I'll let the tide drag me to my death,

as I close my eyes, too see her beauty on last time...

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To Lose


Loss of a lover is like death

by drowning or from walls falling

on your heart.


Old love dies and new love

walks from the horizon seeking

to build new walls and provide

lifesavers for those who might otherwise



Stella L. Crews







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Very well said  

Very well said