This Cutting


I know what I'm doing

is seen as very wrong,

but there's something

about it that draws me in....


The feeling of pain

when i touch the blade

against my skin,


the sight of the blood

popping up to the surface

as i drag the blade,


the sensation of both

panic and calm,

mixing together

in my mind.



I know I shouldn't

do this,

but I actually like it


The way my skin heals

and then leaves a scar behind,

to remind me:


I'm still here,

I'm still alive,

I still bleed,

I still heal.


I'm not gone,

I'm not dead,

I'm not bloodless,

I'm not unfixable....



This cutting 

makes me feel again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not fictional.... it's how I actually feel.. Please let me know what you think, or how you think i can improve it.