When I plug my music in,
everything that has been bugging me,
floats away, and out the window.

I can relax
and let the music
take me away from
everything, and anything.

why is it that humans
love to make and listen
to music?

Is there a specific
reason that we enjoy
the sound of music?
A specific reason why
we love to listen to it?

I'm not sure,
but what I do know
is that music can
take me away from any problems,
and open my heart up
to being happier.

it's been around for
quite a long time,
and it just keeps
changing up.

What is cool one decade
ceases to be cool in another,
and new music becomes what
is thought of as the coolest thing,
for a little while, that is.

I don't know why I like to
listen to music, exactly,
but I know I do,
so I allow myself to enjoy it!

it's an interesting thing,
and I really enjoy listening to it.
I like music.

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aritistic i know
i had to
check this piece out .

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Teehee! Thanks girl!

Teehee! Thanks girl!