Lonely Pest


Sitting here waiting for.....
Apparently nothing seeable
Socially getting sore...
And disagreeable

Everything happens inside my head
But when it plays out
I should have stayed in bed
Before losing this bout

Sitting here waiting for....
Someone to care for me
I'm hurting to the core...
Because of omissioncy

I'm hurting inside and out
But nobody seems to notice
Trapped inside my own doubt
I feel the unwanted locust

I'm a pest for society
To reek havoc only by existence
My memorability
Is my worst consequence

I speak and say help me!
But they just hear Hi.
Why don't you see me?
I just get goodbye.

Did i not cry out to you?
No. Not with words.
My emotions did not get through?
No. That's absurd.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have had to move school again. This will be my senior year. It will be the largest and most daunting school experience ever. But I'm the only one that seems to see myself whe I really am, even though i'm sending it out emotionally. My "friends" in my neighborhood treat me like an outsider because i've been either homeschooled or in a charter school all my life. I'm in pain. And nobody can see it but those that don't care.

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The Horrors of Hormones

Trapped inside your inside-out world , yeah, I remember those days. They fade, time heals most of it. I did not talk much until I was 19 in college...or rather, I was not heard until then. You are not alone in feeling like this, you'd be surprised how many have other devils to deal down. We make walls brick by brick, then later hit them with plastique and charges. At 50, it levels out. I call it "being even" but it's the receeding of hormones. Enjoy yours while you have them, before they are gone and with them the zest of possibilities and adventure, risk taking and ultimate everything. At sixty you just get feisty! At 62, I am glad to meet you. I say: Write it down and walk it off . . . I send you understanding, hugs, and smiles from Michigan- A



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You are really great at

You are really great at expressing your emotions and putting it into words! I too feel the same way a lot of the time but in different aspects so I can definitely relate to this piece. This is great so keep writing!