A Stage I Have Set On Fire (January day 31)

what I wrote is

not a bucket list


not something you should strive for

or be jealous of


what I wrote is

not a supernova


it is just

a rooftop where I sit and think

the flip of a switch


what I wrote is

not a black hole


it is just

a stage

I have set on fire

a day

stretching into pandemonium


and isn’t that

what all the lives are

everyone could

make a movie out of their moments

if they only

stopped to write it down

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/31/21

what I wrote

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Ha, maybe, maybe. But, if

Ha, maybe, maybe. But, if you're gonna write it down, remember that the book is usually better than the movie ; )

allets's picture

Script Writing

Without which there is no movie - so why do actors get bigger bucks than  writer(s)?