We are trying to stay the same

as the ground breaks spring

and the world ends.


Feels like a metaphor.


We are on a cliff and

I am trying to keep you safe

in this fraying net.


I should say something about

beginnings and endings

and some things never changing

but that isn’t true, isn’t it?

We are changing

every second.


I want to think

we’re different in a good way.


We are trying to start again

as everything is unraveling


your fingers in mine.


Are we scared enough

brave enough

strong enough

enough to hold on?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/6/2020

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patriciajj's picture

A very relatable conflict and

A very relatable conflict and some amazing wordplay. I particularly liked "as the ground breaks spring /and the world ends." The contrast is startling, just perfect. Love your style. 

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2 read U. ~S~