To Create


To create something is

to sit here with the shivers

and the shavings of things I don’t want

and tell myself that I need them

to make anything more than mediocre.


To create something is

to see a place I will never be

ten steps to the saloon

high above a cliff’s edge

in a tree older than time

in castles that could crack under their feet and still don’t.


To create something is

to turn paper bag stories

into something more than plain,

the stories of poets and giants

and forests and lakes-

or maybe keep them just like they are-

after all, we keep coming back for normal.


To create something is

to say I promise to never turn back

to say I breathe in the harmony of nothing with you

to say we move like burning pale-kissed lips

to say maybe

to say beautiful

to say I love you like this.


To create something is

to know that my story is the dust falling off a traveler’s shoes

and it might get lost in a sea of sameness

and it might crumble while I sit here not knowing.


To create something is

to put a part of me out there

for people to look down on

or to hold close.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/25/17

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Love this. So reminds me of me and where my head has been today.. 

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