When you touch me I am separating

what I know and what I feel,

the logic has crawled to the corner

and slipped out the door.


In my head you are the only thing

I will hold like this when you say my name,

your lips on mine and the whisper of it sounds

almost more beautiful than you.


You play me so my skin melts and erupts,

I shiver and I’m paralyzed,

my heart breaks and mends,

I evaporate to hold you tighter.


Kiss me like you’re never leaving,

like this is your last day.

I will hold you until I can’t believe you’re mine.

I will swallow you like oxygen is optional.


Touch me where you know I’m waiting,

I will exhale the places anyway

even when I can’t catch my breath,

everywhere I surrender to your fingertips.


I shiver and I fold into your storm,

I can hear your heartbeat

like the best background,

I want to be part of this song.


Love me so I’m breathing you in,

touch me like that, pull me to the point

where I can’t turn back even if I wanted to,

I never want to I am falling I am flying.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/20/17

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Oxygen Optional

As always, imagery is vivid emotion. The ending dual train of thought - flying seems incongruent as does falling compared to the rest of the phenomenal phrases preceding. ~Lady A~