It’s just a sliver of angel keeping me in line

I’ll say all the things I couldn’t before

and the shackles burn

now that I know I have nothing to prove.


I wish I could steal all your time,

pin it on the chances we didn’t take today,

I wish I could taste you

in a room we could never leave

so even after we’re past the passion I can breathe it in,

I hope you don’t think I’m confused and lonely,

I am shuddering in your arms,

I am so happy here.


I wish I could let you in

but only half of you is on the doorstep,

the choice I have made is not to tighten the knot

but I can’t

I don’t want to untie myself from you.


It’s just a rope keeping me from

taking the perfect wrong road I would love so much,

it’s just a sliver of angel keeping me from

making my name the only thing you can scream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/16/17

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I really like this one. Has a

I really like this one. Has a bunch of creative references and analogies that I enjoyed. Honestly not something that I expected when I read the title!