Library (day 200)

I have made this challenge a library,

over half a year of shifting

I have tried to tell a pretty tragedy

but somehow the pretty’s missing


Good intentions, I want to spread heart

Gray creeps up around my grin

This year’s library is how I keep

knives from slipping under my skin


Still grass grows around sinkholes,

showing just how we survive

We try to shine in our own spaces

pull magic out of staying alive


We have made this challenge a library,

a year of change and how we show it

We have tried to tell a pretty tragedy

and that’s what I call a poet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/12/17


Love to all the other writers doing this challenge! I'm so glad I did it and that now I have something to look back on. These have been some rough months for me- a lot of change, starting college, family issues, confusion, losing a lot of people and finding so many more. But I think this made it a lot easier to fit my chaos into a language, and it's made me see how much I depend on writing.

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So long as grass is growing around the sinkholes, as poets, we're okay. It is a library. :D