Network (day 190)

I can be my own support group,

spiraling through my veins,

if you show me a tear duct I can make it a flood.


I am

loving these strangers

like I always have

but even more this time.


I can make my own support group,

I have neurons like family,

lungs like friendship,

blood like music.


I am

loving these strangers,

a network of knots we don’t choose to see

until they singe our souls.


Breathing this in like it will disappear and never go away,

spreading my poison spikes of soft

on every inch of skin.


I am

loving my strangers,

after a glance I’m

treating them like friends.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/2/17


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allets's picture

Body As Support Group

Now there's a thought. Time to write the ode to my back, spine and clavicle. Good one - nice tact - Stella -