Last Night

Last Night

By Jfarrell


Last night,

as I lay my head upon my pillow,

To sleep,

I held a picture in my mind…


The swing on your porch;

I sat there,

With you in my arms.

My arms around your shoulder,

Holding you close;

Your arms around my waist,

Holding me, a little tighter.

Your head upon my shoulder,

Your hair crowning the both of us,

Like a silken pillow.

Th light breeze,

Plays with strands of your hair,

Caressing my cheek gently, tenderly,

Like angel’s kisses.

We sat like that for hours.


It must have been,

A little after three,

You raised your head from my shoulder,

There was a strange glint in your eye,

As you sat astride me,

And screamed aloud

“Your queen must ride her stallion,

Break him in,

Make sure he knows who’s in control!”


I could only dumbly smile,

And willingly submit.


What came next was not sex.

It was the purest of love.

The joining of body, soul,

Spirit and heart.

It was joy,

It was ecstasy,

It was very noisy.

I don’t know if we woke the neighbours,

But we scared the life out of

Every living animal,

In a five mile radius.

The roar of the escape

Sounded like a stampede of elephants.


After our yearning,

Our need,

Was satisfied, fulfilled,

We returned to the swing.


To sit entwined,

In each other’s arms

With your head on my shoulder.

I kiss your crown.


My queen, I am so in love with you.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you love this

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