why am i sat here

Why am I sat here

By JFarrell


Why am I sat here,

Listening to 80’s disco music?

“young hearts, run free”

“oops up side your head”

Music I haven’t listened to

In decades;

I’m too old to be feeling like a teenager,

And I really thought I was through,


With these kind of feelings,

Those kind of dreams.


Why am I sat here,

Heart beating so fast?

It’s been so long,

I thought it had stopped beating years ago;

And, honestly,

Might have been better

If it had stayed that way.

Those kind of feelings, those kind of dreams

I’m a fool to begin with

And these make me more so.


Why am I sat here,

Fantasizing of brighter, happier tomorrows?

Please, dear reader, don’t say

“because you’re in love, you fool”

That just isn’t possible

I can’t even love myself.

There has to be another answer…

I am way too old



I’d be like a baby with a box of matches

And burn everything.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

yes, i probably am an idiot

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