By JFarrell


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT);

Everything is my fault;

How I behave brings it on.

Walking around, looking like a tramp, looking scared;

Well, of course predators are going to attack you.


Cognitive Analytical Therapy;

Everything is my fault;

I don’t think it through, so I bring it on.

I don’t think it through enough, to know a dog I’ve never seen, will be at this spot, 3 o’clock tomorrow;

So, of course, the startled dog will go for you. And so will it’s owner.


Mindfulness Meditation;

Everything is my fault;

You don’t appreciate this moment, now.

Because you don’t appreciate now, you will be upset when someone takes the piss out of your stutter;

Why is not OK to be angry, when someone takes the piss out of you?


The abuse from my mum doesn’t matter;

The violence from my dad doesn’t matter;

The being raped, when I was 6, doesn’t matter;

The bullying, the torment, throughout school doesn’t matter;

The time spent in Care doesn’t matter.


Therapy tells me

Everything is my fault;

I’m an adult now and should pull myself together

And take responsibility.

Everything is my fault.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my feelings follwing my  therpy sessions

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We all take responsibility. We look around and find a lot of emptyness. Thing is emptiness can be filled. As therapy, I am talking out loud to myself in third person. It's been a wondrous morning. Filled, in the now with Dylan singing of Frankie Lee ~(:D)-



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third person

yeah, i talk to myself in 3rd, 4th, 5th person, not schizpophrenic, nothing like that, just my talking to myslef, seems more than 1 or 2 people, just filling the space. yep, and you are right, today was wondrous day, a billions things could have gone wrong, but none did, and tomorrow will be better :)