Concrete dreams

If he builds that wall today

The people will not see the way

To peace or imagined security

They'll just be seen as enemy

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Good fences make great neighbors.

They can always knock at the door.

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Knocks are nice but

I make em call first.

Fences serve their purpose. 

We do like privacy.

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I been working hard to tear

I been working hard to tear down my own walls. Have no interest in the idea of building them. Well, thats a kind of lie... My walls have doors and windows.

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No Walling Out The Past

Sleepers, already here, they are on this side of any kind of wall, waiting for the word to wreck vengeance anytime, anywhere.They are not Mexican or S. American. Conspiracy theory #218, Mexicans and S. Americans are going through their melting pot sequence, the racist part. The big picture is enormous. Good write! - slc

Lady A

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We have mixed ideas on these subjects. There are folks we are in contact with just over the border and there IS high crime and violence. However, even these American friends who are in the thick of it don't believe a wall is the answer. We too have been close to violence on our own soil with other Americans. We are more concerned with the meth epidemic as it is rampant and folks addicted turn to stealing as well as violence. We do have our own serious problems here on this soil within our own population which we must address.  5 billion dollars could do a whole lot to help in a whole lot of different areas. Clean water, clean Air, clean food,  affordable housing, actual health care. If we were focused on having a healthy population, we could all be living more harmoniously. The mindset of division based on fear is making us unstable as a people. I would go on and on but must stop here for now.


Thanks all for the read and commentary. 

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Creating division was one of

Creating division was one of the most early advances in authoritarianism. We give authoritarianism a wide range of names today ("democracy", "communism", "fascism", etc.), but the base strategies by the ruling class are the same.