Writing Therapy

You soothe me,
tranquil the mind...
more than therapy,
my balance
in life-
In you I find sanity
when insanity
is an option...
My distraction from
the real world,
different realms
I have explored,
only to find comfort
in your pages...
Within you,
I become better,
clever in my ways!
When I first met you,
I could barely
finish a sentence-
as the years
passed-by, I have
dedicated chapters
to love, peace,
and hate...
I cannot pretend
I do not love you,
with age and wisdom,
you shall feel my best
imprinted on you.
Lost and confuse
I would be
without you-
Women are jealous
of you, because
you are my better half.
My heart and soul
I spill on you, and
you listen as my pencil

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poetry; My true love...

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