Soccer Baby


Purple Filled Dreams
with the golden heart
One who places others first
One who shines bright with music
Simplicity is the key to her heart
A simple Orchard upon her hands
makes her smile in every way.
Paws control her life
Paws upon her heart, her wrists, her touch
No angel wings
but brings life to others in need.

Not a perfect girl
never plans to be
can not cook
can not judge a book by it's cover
Always willing to learn
willing to compromise
willing to love or eternaty
not always as stubborn as her sign tends to say
Taurus after all are hopeless romantics
they keep their friends as close as possible
and their enemies closer,
but she, she keeps that open heart
on her sleeves.

Curly hair.
Dark Brown eyes.
Light skinned.
and compassionate.
Soccer Baby,
she is me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have you ever had to discribe yourself to people? I have and I can't ever do so, this is probably the 8th poem I write about me... is it me? Maybe, only those who truely know can tell me.

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great work..

great work..