I want to drown in another.
Immerse myself to my chin and
slowly, at a pace, submerge
with only the crown of my head
peaking at the surface.

I want to know the songs
she sings, and remember all
the lyrics, so that I may join in.

I want to be her wishing
well, devoid of any cost beyond
the kindness of her company,
her grip affixed in mine.

I want to be an amulet,
well for worn and compliments,
held at each and every turn
when she's in need of sturdiness,
and a source of endless love.

I want to be her man of
pride, a light to hang from rafters.
Her words would lift and carry,
and I would need no aid.

I want to be looked forward to,
a wanted thing in all,
who's long on thought and not
forgotten, when the days
come called.

I want to be a final word
in a faithful sentence that
completes a happy dialogue,
one that I'd return.

I want to be an equal half
and act as two together.
If and when we separate,
I want to be
engulfed by the sorrow.

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Fitzgerald's picture

Very much in love it seems

Very much in love it seems you are.. this is pretty powerful

Sivus's picture

I wish I was

Sadly this is just a poem about nobody.