I stand up tonight 
to an ebony galaxy,
a sky full of twilight stars,
while I am here confined to my
cognitive scars , my memories are 
my self imposed bars.
I am looking for reasons
that give meaning to the 
last 13 years that my life ,  like 
Fall was in season.
I push through the murky surface
and watch those dreams 
slip down the time stream ,
into the enveloping cold
Grief like 
gravity`s reach 
pulling me rapidly through
the ripples.
I am searching for the sorrow 
under suppression 
in a deep depression
hidden in the hollow part of me.
The time is now to release this 
negative obsession,
the bereaved , funeral procession.
I `ll give it back to you , 
the agony that comes with the rain ,
Sober and stained by the life 
me holding
the pain 
without the 
of commitment.
I am turning my back 
leaving behind my self imposed bars,
drifting alone under sapphire skies.
The next time I`ll see  " you "  ,  through the disguise.
I`ll see the past through tomorrows eyes.