Tears For My Adversary

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Why did you do this?

I ask you for nothing

I didnt even know you.

Why me?

I deserve an answer.

Instead you grin.

Tear one.

I even tried to help you

Still sour?

Ill play by your rules

You snicker. This is pain.

Tear two.

Im trying to understand.

If you would let me.

Wait, I dont need your permission!

You dont own me!

Smacked down

While hearing the sound of hysterical laughter

Three, Four. . .Tweleve. . . Twenty.

I give up.

I can no longer cry for you, Confidence.

      Sharmaine Marie
NOV 5 2012 6:56 PM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lack confidence, sometimes I dont. Even having confidence in a situation can still end badly. Sometimes confidence changes nothing. All you can do is wait and see. What happens, happens.

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Confidence, or lack thereof..

Theres just something about overly confident people that rubs me the wrong way.

Always has.

Those lacking, generally are more tolerable because they wear no mask.

Behind the guise of over confidence, sits a timid shy child, seeking the re- assurance of acceptance.


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I agree

I agree

Can never think of what to say. Contradiction Incarnate. 

A lonely contradiction. Contrasola

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Courage Is Learned

Examples followed
lions roaring and needing
chances taken
the outcome
is for fools who wait
too long to take
the next step.

Confidence is cousin
to Courage. Fear
sits knitting a scarf

Escapade creates
the illusion
of wisdom, but
the fake side
is the only plane
possible to walk
upon until
the cousins
show up.

Lady A