Unconcentrated Tolisude

As i sit in my emerald chair waiting for Dj Shadow to spin, loneliness strikes me and I can t help but feel the force of solitude.  This is what its like to be connected now.  Before this feeling was where I bled and no one batted an eye.  Now it feels awkward cause we have'nt spoke in a long time.  Where death seemed okay and quiet but life dreams painted the halls of my mind.  Where time was kept in a box of illusion.  Then every verse was supposed to hold the world up, to prop up the being in its own state of confusion.  Multiple plot lines moving in a forward sequence.  The mind is faster than the hand.  My speaker crackles from over use.  Too much of this, or maybe too much of that.  Who's to say?  The sound deep and loud like dropping a penny in a long well.  Echoing the way down.

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Earlier Tonight

I felt alone and envied the women who have a best friend with them. The older I get, the more I know dies. It is not sad, it just is. -Stella-




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i suppose thats true

Understanding the trasience of lives that stroll in and out of doors we call our own.  We say hello how are you?  As they knock upon our doors with care.  Lives and memories get sumed up in our neural nets.  Life comes and goes.  I hope your doing alright tonight Ms. Stella.  Take Care :)