Dark it is, yet again, as confusion and loss of security consume my mind
Lost in streams, stranded in dreams, with nothing but anguish to feel
Longing for respite, craving for a light, searching eagerly for a sign
I lay back and yield with tears to shed, accepting that my heart is sealed

Throughout the distortions of dark, whispers of temptation pierce my head
Displaying images of tormenting nature, altering my perception on reality
Twisting foundations of soul and serenity, casting me numb with silence to be bled
Permitting not a moment of calm or stillness, invading all aspects of mentality

Eager I’ve tried to escape the cables of endless suffering, to feel a hint of peace
To refrain from paramount pains and stale sorrow, so that I may feel alive
With the torches of hope and the breaths of resurrection, the hymns of darkness will in time cease
So that the shackles beneath my feet be unfettered again, for redemption, to strive

For if yet again my spirit is smashed and bliss is lost, being stabbed with daggers and spears
Casting me in a situation between the moments of life and eternal death, where a decision is made
I’ll smile and recall that the world is a playground with its silly puppets and empty tears
That down a fall lays a rise, within chaos there’s surprise, and with love, fear shall fade

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