Lost are the souls of current youth, lashed with the ties of politics and greed
Struggling relentlessly, we aim towards objectives that fail to feed our soul
Blind to reality, we sacrifice and exhaust our spirits for what we don’t need
And fail to embrace a totality, by which our perception is not of distortion, but of whole

Harder and better we work, more and more our vitalities being mercilessly constrained
Towards an abysmal destruction, where our minds cease to understand simplicity
Easier and easier the torment, less and less is the alleviation of such enormous pain
As we lay our hands down and surrender, accepting with delight shameful captivity

Values downtrodden and inspiration not with ease to come into being
Love disdained, strangers we’ve become throughout the illusion of our sight
Cessation of emotion, disabling of interaction, pulverization of essential feeling
Loss of stimulation, robbed of liberation, cast purposeless into blight

Transcendence and meaning we crave, towards a horizon where souls freely roam
Unhindered by dogmas and fruitless game, where our existence guides asunder
So that we may intake the light, sense the joy, and finally feel at home
Where fear strikes us not, and our mind bursts with the freedom of surging thunder

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