May The US Become A Democracy Soon


1 the electoral college is abolished
2. the Supreme Court justices are elected directly
  by the people and no longer serve for life,
3. the Senate is 1 person 1 vote and no longer gives Wyoming with 600,000
people 66 times the Senate power of California
with 40,000,000
4. political contributions are no longer defined as free speech
and billionaires can no longer buy elections
then our United States will begin to be a democracy.


Who is guilty of contempt for the US Supreme Court? The entire world.



No other alleged democracy has justices serve for life.

Nor are these justices elected by the people. It was not til 1917 that the people's right to elect senators was

acknowledged. It is time to elect Supreme Court justices.

These unelected 5 of the Republican pentocracy on the Supreme Court

have been nominated by unelected or fraudulently elected presidents.

Kavanaugh, promoter of executioners, and dovehunter executioner Gorsuch were nominated by the fraudulently elected Trump.

Roberts and Alito were nominated by the unelected G W Bush whose theft of the 2000 election was created by Antonin Scalia and Co. on the Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas was nominated by G H W Bush who was promoted by Senator Danforth who replaced Jerry Litton who died in a mysterious plane crash in Missouri. Thomas, Monsanto attorney, was elected by crimes he and his campaign manager Lee Atwater committed from 1976 to 1988.

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the work of interpreting the Constitution as it applies to laws will continue in spite of the Court's composition. Elected - no, too specialized - we want the best of the best and Kavanaugh for all his human foibles, will learn the intricacies of writing opinions for the highest court in the land. He answers to no one but his conscience. The laws will turn in whatever direction the usa citizen as voter decides. There are no sour grapes, there is just the law.




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We are all screwed regardless

We are all screwed regardless one way or another. Best to get used to it. Unification under the current flag seems doomed. Where have you seen thaold circle of stars before n the old flag? Oh yeah the EU not going so well is It? Blessingss 

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