The Fog Of Semantics 1

A Fellow Creature


Bulldoze ranforests
Slaughter a lamb

Swat a fly
Targets terminate


Thin a herd
Hunt a bear
Harvest a deer
Wasp nests exterminate


Pacify a village
Drone 'terrorist' camps
Weed a garden
Mice eliminate.


Mow a lawn
'Cropdust' a field
Fell a tree
'Invasive species' eradicate.


Execute a prisoner
'Control burn' a meadow
Scotch a dandelion
Foreign leaders serially assassinate.


Club a seal
Butcher a pig
Boil a living lobster.
Locusts decimate.


Harpoon a whale
A butterfly impale
Vivisect a rat
A fish asphyxiate.


Stone an adulterer
Puppies drown
Cows down
Gay men decapitate.


Starve a people
Strangle a goose
Dartgun a manta ray
Ants annihilate


Electroshock an inmate.
Rendition an 'enemy'
Zap a dragonfly
By vaccination obliterate.


Fish 'catch' suffocate

Trim a bush

Squish a bug.

An adulteress lapidate*


Nuke Japan
Snuff the kittens
Polycidally bomb Iraq
A population liquidate.


Elephants poach

Squash a roach.

Prairie dogs dispatch

Bulls brand and castrate.


Ice a foe

drone a target

muzzle a child

a woman violate


An oyster shuck

Then shoot a duck

To torture is to 'enhanced interrogate'

To kidnap is to 'sequestrate'.


Trap a gopher

A butterfly impale

With waterboarding asphyxiate

In solitary men isolate


Masking words for kill..

meatmongers' and

war propagandists' skill.

"Euthanize" healthy dogs ..

their lives abbreviate.


Spray a beehive

prune a plum tree

With bombs immolate

The truth expurgate





a child violate


We all know the atrocities of Hitler. Fewer know that Churchill deliberately starved the Indian population of Bengal during WW2.


Jesse Ventura: Thou Shalt Not Kill is not asterisked with exceptions.


The US Dept of Agriculture and Dept of Interior often set 'control burns' which when the wind turns direction kill even more humans animals and plnats than intended.


*Lapidate... stone to death...punishmenet for adultresses but not adulterer


Here are some synonyms for 'kill': abort, ambush, annihilate, arson, bane, bloodlet, bloodshed, blot out, blue-pencil, bottle up, brain, bump off, burn, carry off, chloroform, choke, consume, cork, coup de grace, crucify, crush, cut down, cut short, damp down, deaden,  defeat, delete, denouement, deprive of life, destroy, devastate, dispatch, dispose of, do away with, do in, do to death, down drop the curtain, drown, electrocute, end, erase, euthanize, expunge, expurgate, extinguish, finalize, finish, finish off, game, get rid of, gill, give the quietus, hit, hurt, ice, immolate, kibosh, knife, knock off, KO, l make away with, martyr, massacre, mercy kill, murder, nail, neutralize, nip, nullify, occupy, poison, polish off, prey, purge, put down, put to death, put to sleep, quash, quell, quench, ravage, ritual killing, rub out, sacrifice, scrag, shoot, silence, slay, smash, smother, snuff out, squash, squelch, starve, stifle, still, strangle, strike, strike out, subdue, suffocate, suppress, switch off, take life, torture, turn off,  void, waterboard, waste, wipe out

This is dedicated to Rand Paul, Ron Paul, and other voices of governmental and personal nonviolence


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allets's picture

Okay, We Are Killers

I tend the draw the semantics line at people. ~S~



saiom's picture

  Some call that human


Some call that human chauvinism


Animals are called property in many laws. That is the objectification of sentient beings


The question is not can they speak but can they suffer   -Jeremy Bentham-



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No, We Are Murders

We kill plants, animals, people, and the earth. How do we do it? With great horror and terror.  I ate slaughtered lamb last week and decapitated cow this week. Fact: usa economy runs best when the people are at war - nearly two decades in Afghanistan. Nothing moves money faster. Korea is next - they have delivery system, per pentagon. People are starving in usa. Sad.