Sweet Tooth

Immaterial, indiscreet, unfulfilling, yet so complete

Take another, take a seat, you might not ever move.

Drifting off into a trance, each time risking one last dance

Your subscription to addiction fueled by an unnecessary prescription.

Fading fast, yet time moves slow, never meant to last, so we let ourselves sink low

Incomplete, insatiable...all in some way, unnaturally disintegrating each and every day

So pop the pills, stop the pills, before you're set to lay

Use your will, restrain the thrill, before the kill gets its say.

What's in a Name?



It’s amazing the amount of power someone can have over you


Simply by knowing your name.




They know your name,


They say your name,


They make your name their own.


They smirk your name,


They cry your name,


They whisper it, alone.




Be careful the next time someone asks you for your name,

For once you give it out, it is never yours again.


There are no secrets that are safe,

In fact, 'safe', is much a thing of the past

When it comes to a 'secret',

Best to just keep them for the good things,

The ones that last!


2:58 PM 6/25/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About how people can be stupid when it comes to honesty. (not truth, which is something all together different)

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