Darling slow down

There is no need to rush this

You are infinite

Take your time

Talk to yourself

For hours

For days

For weeks


Sit in the shower and cry as hard as the water pressure

Match the shower head drop for drop


Be slow

You are internal

Life is limitless waiting to unfold at your feet

It is an inch worm

Let it wriggle


Be aware

You are listening

Open your ears and hear yourself

You will speak

Just be patient

Be still

Let yourself unfold in time


Be as you were when it first happened

Immersed, deeply and fully in a moment

And then the next

And then the next


And then the next

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allets's picture

"...deeply and fully in a moment..."

So many fine images, so much patient counselling, a sharing of what you know - nice :S



running_with_rabbits's picture


Thank you love, I am glad you enjoyed it... perhaps I should post it somewhere I see it everyday and remind myself ;)

Much Love