Hard Choices

The Rest

Held within an enigma of a variation of love,
Turning this way and that
Avoiding the issues
Denying the lies so white they fade in the morning


Touching upon the real words beneath
Suggestions of the truth hidden in reactions
Reactions to reactions
Leading away from the things that need to be said

Disappointment in the grimy daily reality of together
Searching for bright beginnings
Watching goal posts moving
Dragging expectations along behind


Years of comfort lie like dust over honesty
Individual dreams softening round the edges
Losing focus, losing choices
losing the bigger picture still unfolding outside the window


Blink and you’re 40, 50, 60, dead
Sleep through thoughts of leaving
Balance cruelty with kindness
Watch the scales swing back and forth to the rhythm of years passing


Leave and lose half your life
Stay and lose half the life you would have led
Plucking at the tangle of possibilities
To find a beginning or an end

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AquarianMale's picture

I love the images you post

I love the images you post here. Although the reality of your words is harsh, one must surrender to the legitimacy of this script being far closer to the truth … than it is to misrepresentation.  If your lexes were a staple of sustenance, these verses would have incredible nutritional value. Two thumbs up on this.

Rose.T.Morrell's picture

Thoughtful words

A kind and very welcome post.  It humbles me when people identify with the base honesty and meaning in my work.  Thank you.