A Dream... A Wonderful, Terrible Dream (in progress) Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I dreamnt of you last night, beautiful and free you were.
I had you in my sight last night, for a moment i did stirr
Wondering if you were really there or if you were to go away
Hoping your existence was reality in my present as there I lay
I thought maybe I had finally woken up from my nightmere
Only to find that it was all a dream and too much to bare.

I pray for you to come to me at night in any form
Then you do and my emotions roll in like a storm
At moments I struggle to hear your voice in my head
To visualize your movement or lying next to me in bed
Bitter sweet it is, to hear your voice and see you move
Knowing that when my eyes open wide, I yet again will lose

YOU is where where I want to be and where I've always been
YOU were my partner, my lover and my friend

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