Son Of God

He's the Son of God and he was the greatest man who ever lived.

He's compassionate and he has always been willing to forgive.
He's the Son of God and his blood was collected in the Holy Grail.

Jesus died for Mankind's sins, he died so that we won't go to Hell.

He's the Son of God and his death brought a lot of tears.

They nailed him to the cross and impaled him with a spear.

He's the Son of God and in certain Bibles, his words appear in red.

He was in agony as he was crucified and then sadly, he was dead.

He's the Son of God and he rose from his tomb after he died.

They couldn't end Christ's existence even though they tried.

He's the Son of God and he could resurrect the dead and make the blind see.

Because he's so wonderful, he means a lot to you and he means a lot to me.

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He Means A Lot To Me

I recently read all the red words - answers mostly, parables, like a collection of sayings in a book of wisdom. Words to live by, to remember when living is difficult, to shout when celebration happens. The symbol of my faith is a Jewish man dying in agony on a cross 2015 years go. We calculate time based on the year of Christ's birth. In many ways, he lives. Inspiring write - thanks for the sermon, preacher. ~allets~