People Don't Know People

I’m feeling all alone here, no one will ever know why

I’m sitting on the down stair saying my last goodbye

I’ll walk out of the front door never to return

I close my eyes and lift my head as my last mouthful burns.


People don’t know people; they never want to know,

People don’t know people; they just don’t want to grow.

So I look into the world I knew and finally let go,

Of all the hate, of the pain, I never want to show.


Up the stairs and through the door, the wind is howling now

I stand there for a minute, before my ending bow.

They run around without a care, as if they’d even know.

The pain I feel inside me now will only ever grow.


People don’t know people, why would they even care,

People don’t know people, as if they’d even spare,

One thought for you up on that roof, before you make that leap,

One thought for you before your end, your eternal sleep.  


As I take the final step, towards my fateful end

I know that people will not see the girl who was a friend.

A friend to those who knew her well, although it wasn’t enough,

To stop her hate from ranging on, from all the other stuff.


So here she stands up in the sky, ready for the fall.


So here it is her last goodbye, she’s ready for it all. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

one of my first poems about my actual feelings, rather than events in my life. 

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aznhuangazn's picture

Nicely written. Good choice

Nicely written. Good choice of words.