Knight in Tin Foil Armor

I can't trust a single one of you.
Calling yourselves "knights in shining armor";

Planning to play me for the fool.

Show me your charms, your wits;

Strength to boot.

Sweep me off my feet;



But, I am no damsel in distress;

My friend.

I can see right through you;

Thin shards of tin foil, feather away.

There goes your ruse, your cheap display.


You aren't a knight at all.

Just a meek sheep, in wolves clothes.

You have been exposed;

How will the tin foil protect you against from the sting & pain of a real steel blade?
Only a real knight would know.
I have yet to meet one.
Of mice & men, I meet the mice.
& sure, they're nice.
But, what's "nice" do when you need someone to save you?


I save myself

& the men too.

& they wonder why I don't want to stay...

I'm not the damsel in distress;

I'm a strong woman, in a dress.

A pure heroine.

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