Our Wasteland

“Our Wasteland”

'Genesis Set'

In the wasteland that was our glory,
Shall be handed down a tragic story.
Death will not ride the horse of murder
there will be no where to hide, no safe quarter.
When you walk that path, cross that border
will you proudly stand before that iron gate
hang before the jury, while charming the snake

Zombies, all marching to the same tune
sleep walking without so much as a clue.
There was once a time, I almost gave up altogether
tormented by the nightmare of it never getting better

There rests a vice within my head
there was a reason I had wished to be dead
for in this life, somethings are better left unsaid
because the mistress of life, plays for regrets.
If there is a lesson to be had in any of this,
it is that life's simple distractions make it an easy miss.
Where confusion shadows my every step
I still find my life in another's dept.

In the wasteland of destitute
I am reminded of this same prelude
trying hard to forget, the constant regret.

Every face melts into two,
strangers in the wind pass by without a clue.
Their eyes staring through you
I close myself off, I find an escape
away from the pain, before I break.
The screams inside my head will go silent
once the world learns the violence.

I will take that long walk to the chair,
I will take my last rights, hear my final prayer.
Once you flip the switch, my mind will start to twitch
to execute the heart, now that becomes an art.

Always crying about how life is just not fair,
When we chose to ignore the obvious standing there
right before our eyes, and how we perceive all the lies.
The law of attraction, and the language of subtraction
the way of the universe, and how it could always be worse.

“So many faces all staring back at me,
who are blind yet still think they can see”

“I will share with you a secret, This world is cruel and often a hypocrite
but as I walk this tight rope, I hold onto a thread of hope
that in a universe built on opposites, and very few compromises.
I will find my garden of eden, within those green fields
cast my eyes onto my angel, my vixen.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone will have regrets in their life...

**Updated Formating from Psycho- Confessions**

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jimtwocrows's picture

You know, there are some

You know, there are some great lines in this piece.

sanctus's picture

Lord, drop the rhyming. Write

Lord, drop the rhyming. Write poetry, not crap

MatthewWayne's picture

haha funny, I write what I

haha funny, I write what I write simple as that. my style trend gears more towards lyrics. always has, since music has been a passion of mine. I have and still do write true poetry on ocassion, so instead of degrading ones work, try true criquitisim for once, instead of being an asshole.

Thank you

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne