A Suicide Letter

Volume Two


A Suicide Letter”



I try and put myself in that state of mind

as if searching for something I lost; trying to find

peeking inside the locked tombs I've suppressed

back when I thought of suicide and always depressed

On nights when I was alone, I'd cut

listening to a song, on a track that was stuck

Like a broken record, the soundtrack of my life

Creating art with this knife.


To Bleed, To feel pain, To know you are alive

To vent, a symbol or statement, to question your very soul

Even a simple thought of control


I never wanted to hurt anyone

never even wanted to own a gun

There was a chance, I would have used it

before I would realize what I had done

but I know I could do better

so this is my Suicide Letter


"Living in this drug induced Coma

swallowing pills, overdosed on somas

chopping lines of Codeine

While thinking of injecting Morphine

Trying to run from the most obscene

Escaping from your thoughts and mind

I am only human, born to sin

I am only mortal, struggling not to give in

Pinned against the wall

I sometimes wonder if I'm destined to fall"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Updated from Psycho- Confessions

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Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

I've written a few of those in my time, but I've clearly never been very good at the act itself, 'cos I'm still here spewing my 'poetry', inflicting my words on anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon my portfolio!
More amazing work from you, that once again I could relate to intensely. Nice one, loved it.
(I really AM gonna go to bed now, but I just couldn't resist reading another one of your pieces).