Under the Moonlight

Volume One





Under the Moonlight”


Close your eye's under the Moonlight

if I do anything right

let it be this kiss tonight

hold me tight

don't let our love slip out of sight

close your eye's under the moonlight

don't tell me this is wrong, when it feels so right

I don't ever want this night to end

I remember your every touch

and afterward I'd miss it vary much

how you whisper in my ear, that you love me

the way your breath feels against my skin that subtle degree

my love for you is free

hold me close under the moonlight

I wouldn't give you up without a fight

because you are my only light

Kiss me once, and I'll love you forever

Kiss me twice, and we will be together

because tonight we're both under the moonlight

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(Updated; From Psycho-Confessions)

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poetvg's picture

beautiful poem
I wish i had
some one to write
poems to me like that .