* Shattered Into A *

Broken Heart Poems

                    i am shattered

             into a million of little pieces

       i  am physically dieing from a broken heart


                  i felt my heart bust

                     and explode as

              my bones fell onto the floor


           as my blood splattered & covered the

  whole entire room i bled to death & dieded that night


   with tears left pouring down from my disfigured body


   as you lefted the room completely covered with some of

my blood .playing stupid like u didnt know nuthin about me .


Written by GT called  * Shattered Into A Million Pieces  *


                   May 10, 2005 9;00 PM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

  I wrote this poem
because i hate guys treating us like a fresh
piece of meat and then
leaving us for a nother
chick it hurts and it
breaks our hearts that
crap isnt right how would u like if we did
the same thing that u
did to us . I guess u
wouldnt like it either.
but i was raised up right & better than that
  thanks to my good parents i dont have to
to put up with that .
but it still hurts us .
it makes me feel like
sometimes like it is
not worth being into a relationship with no one
just be all alone all
by my self :*( boo hoo .

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vipervenomnu's picture

We are not all that bad....some of us actually have a heart.... but it's okay I know you weren't talking to me!