"My Lonely Nights Are Only Nights Without You"

Hillbilly Smiles

by Jeph Johnson


They say that the darkest part of the night  
is right before the dawn
That right before the sun rises
is when most of the light is gone.
There are times when lonesome, sad and lost,
tired and feeling blue
Are not enough descriptive words
to convey to you the truth.
I feel the only thing left to say,
the only thing to do
Is let you know my lonely nights
are only nights without you


They say the thunder crashes down
after the lightning's flash
That light travels faster than
the sound of the thunderclap
That because they both are different
there's no harmony between the two
There's a difference between the happiness
that you and I knew
And the loneliness that with your departure
only grew and grew
The difference is my lonely nights
are only nights without you


They say at times the weather
turns it's dial to cold
But the weatherman says because of the cold
it really cannot snow
Too cold to snow, yet cold enough
to remind me of someone who
Said my lonely nights had ended
as long as I stayed true
I wished that when you'd said these things
that you'd have only known
My lonely nights are only nights
I spend here all alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 1996 

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