Renaissance woman, voluptuous, pleasantly plump, full figured,

cubby or fat?

Or may be politically correct

Is where it’s at…

Obese? ‘Wow’ is that really a word?

Not a kind verbalization I find it absurd!

Don't try to describe me with one or two words!

The intellectually challenged,

These shallow depictions may continue.

I think your title should come from within you.

So let’s begin under the skin.


I'm tender, I'm a mother, a daughter, a friend,

I'm a writer, a reader, a comic,a clown.

I am strong, kind, sensitive, sweet, loving, emotional, vacious and deep!

I am happy, sad, fun, exciting, sexual, sensual,truthful, soulful and beautiful!  

I'm a woman and a poet and the people that know me know that I show it!

OK, one or two words? Hmm,

“Seek and Yea Shall Find!"  

I shall call myself,





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every new day is a blank page. How it reads is up to you.
Know your Blessed!

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I love this ,I too am a physically large woman but larger in soul and passion so I agree with this piece totally!

poetvg's picture

sweet poem .

Ernest Bevans's picture

Hear, Hear... Well said this is empowerment for the world... I placed these comments under a poem I have on my page called 'In praise of Corpulence' words are neither positive or negitive ...conotations however are. Usage governs meaning. Change the word and make it burn in a night of dark inferences. You have done that with this poem... and now the "word" means is ..."LOVE" keep writing - keep the faith

johnlvs2run's picture

hi patty.. your poem makes me smile. i like the variation and how it all fits together so well, from beginning to end. very creative and well said. john