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i love to run and keep fit

like quiet and peacefulness
love the beauty of nature

have a garden of herbs and veggies

enjoy reading
giving speeches
surfing/internet, chatting

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come walk with me
by eric meeker

come walk with me
to a distant place
a place i often go

it is a place of peace
from stressful lives
a place few people know

come walk with me
we will take a stroll
through forests filled with song

a place so good
that feels so right
where nothing can go wrong

come walk with me
to a far off land
of magic and fantasy

where new life springs
and never dies
where young you will always be

come walk with me
come talk with me
of worries that you feel

i give an ear
that will never tire
of hearing your ordeals

come walk with me
from crime and war
to a quiet, tender place

where babbling brooks
and gentle winds
will ease your burdened face

come walk with me
i know a place
beyond the endless sky

beyond the sun
beyond the stars
where only daydreams lie

look in your mind
to a place you've been
or a place you'd like to see

where all you feel
is love and peace
and sweet tranquility

come walk with me
i will take you to
a place i often go

where i feel free
from troubled life
a place that more should know

~ ~ ~

evening song
by sidney lanier

look off dear love, across the sallow sands
and mark yon meeting of the sun and sea
how long they kiss in sight of all the lands
ah...... longer.. longer.. we

now in the sea's red vintage melts the sun
and egypt's pearl dissolved in rose wine
and cleopatra night drinks all `tis done
love, lay thine hand in mine

come forth, sweet stars, and comfort heaven's heart
glimmer, ye waves, round else unlighted sands
o night! divorce our sun and sky apart
never our lips.. our hands

~ ~ ~


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