silly poet
I am
I crushed
on a line
in the bramble
of a poem
my breath hitched
as my eyes
turned inward
on to my thoughts
in that gorgeous
moment of moments
a 'Rainbow Canyon' emerged
dodging my mind's eye furtively
I longed to meet
the being that hoisted up
that figurative sickle
elbow high
and thrashed down
such inelegant brambles
unconscious hero
earlobes deep
in the vulgarity
or self illusionist
circling back
to play with her
liberated lines
in an unkind instant
I fell victim
to the latter...........
(Nov. 29, 2015 1126am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is one of those poems that pretty much wrote itself. It flows nicely and speaks other worldly but it also bamboozles me a wee bit but hey I adore the other worldly sounding ones. They always fascinate my inner eye to no end. Enjoy!

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Awesome view walking around inside exquisite ideation. 



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Rainbor Canyon


Your descriptive talent is lovely in this poem your imagery too is brilliant palewingedpoetess.




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You are a Poet

With a poets heart.