A Life That Is Mine

I can't let this life pass me by any more,

I'm sad and lonely, i still want the world.

There's places to go and people to meet,

But what matters the most is right at your feet.

I dream the dream of lovers bliss,

And being with you, there's so much of this that i miss.

Weighing it out, i don't want to regret,

I cherish the day long ago that we met.

Time has gone by now, we're loosing that sight,

please forgive me darling because i don't want to fight.

There's pain from my dreams that were better left out at sea,

But these dreams are what in the beginning made me, me.

A family of four and no room for more,

I wish you could feel how that’s left me so sore.

The life that you want is not one i can give,

A love that is strong is the way we should live.

Together forever i promised you truth,

I'm sad and alone but this shouldn't be an excuse.

When this pain is abundant in this place i know well,

Your love should charge in, avenge and dispel.

Instead you walk out with your hands in the air,

Not wanting to talk and to tired to care.

I want to just go and leave you behind,

Away from this place, to see what i find....

Maybe a life that is mine.

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A Life that is mine:



A good relationship turned rocky and how to find time to be oneself is described well in your poem. I like your poem.