Turn Away

Tributes to Lovers

I don't know how I survived you,

how I made it through

the tear-filled nights.


You gave me so little,

and I accepted it 

because it's all I had.


I settled for contrived attention 

because it was

better than nothing.  


You still call me

your "sexy one",

and my body betrays me.


My heart feels

drawn towards you,

but I ignore the pull.


I remind myself of

the torment you caused,

the lies I believed.


And I turn away from you

and walk forward where 

temptation can't reach me.

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End Of Love

We use each other

for our ends, our means,

or recreation, but not

support or help

or stability.


We boast of our togetherness

for our egos and our friendships

outside the relationship, with out

care for creating inside

what is said to the outside.


Eventually, one of us et tired

and the hyprocisy will run dry,

lies will be for someone else,

and the quest for someone

who knows how to love

will take my hand.