Save Gaza, Save Humanity

Please stop the murdering,

In Gaza by letting,

Peace like a white pigeon fly,  

Do the angel-like children deserve to die?


What’s the definition of war?

Even Chomsky said, "it's not a war, it's murder",

The peaceful Palestinians,

Are in unbearable pains.


The soil can’t absorb more blood,

I wish it could speak aloud,

Protesting against the bloodbath,

O God! Who’ll stop this futile wrath?


Where are the influential countries?

Why don’t they pressurise the Israelites?

Please let the Palestinians live in peace,

They never attack any country to seize.  


How can anyone justify this?

Have we let our conscience,

Go to eternal hibernation?    

Where are humanity and compassion? 

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palewingedpoetess's picture

only thing I differ with is the phrase

peaceful Palestinians as it takes two to fight............ other than that I enjoyed your poem. Both sides have to stop the shelling mortaring and bombing  and the killing of each other's citizens completely or there can never be peace....... Both sides are so use to chaos and war that they crave it if there is peace too long and the innocent civilians suffer. One can't have revenge killings over and over and expect peace it has to stop on both sides not just one one. I'm for neither side. I think they both are very wrong in what they are doing and condemn their choices but they are living up to what the Bible said would be happenning that they would fight for thousands of years. Eventually, there will be peace I'm certain but it likely wont be in either of our lifetimes. Both sides have to become very sick of the killing and really want true peace and let bygones be bygones. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much for your comment respected poetess. I think the Israelites are exercising power more and if they stop, then there should be no more chaos. Even Noam Chomsky said, "It's not war, it's murder". Besides, the Palestinians hardly have anything worthy to fight with. I reckon it as sheer recklessness of the Israelites. However, I echo your words "let bygones be bygones" and hope that peace prevails eventually. :)

palewingedpoetess's picture

ok i can counter

when the Israelies do no violence hamas still every day shoots rockets into their cities that has never stopped that is why Isrel put in that air missile defense system and shoots many of them down and they have bomb shelters  Hamas can't control all its factions and they build tunnels to tunnel in remember before the wall went up suicide bombers were blowing themselves up in market places all too regularly you can't negotiate with people who would rather kill themselves and this from a relgion that says its wrong to kill even one person suicide is not allowed in Islam and to kill one is like killing a city of people so how can they be martyrs when they blow up people out having lunch and not bothering them. had they stopped that non sense the wall would have not gone up its two sided dear and Israel cant expect peace either if they keep building settlements they sicken me with that but Hamas sickens me by burrowing in with the people and then shooting off rockets from that location knowing full well Israel will retaliate and civilians will be killed who live there on the lower floors of that building. both sides are at fault not just one. Israel pulled out of gaza a few years ago now and what did the palestinians do they fought each other hamas and  the other faction on the streets for many days and civilians there got caught in the crossfire of that and died. That was why I argued your peaceful Palestinians comment I use to chat with a palestinian from Jericho and he himself said there wouold be no peace if Israel handed everything over to the Palestinians that the Palestinians claimed they were due they woudl fight amongst themselves in a civil war then as that is all they have known the haves don't want the have nots to have. This from a Palestinian's mouth. Look at Syria  it often comes down to the sunni shia fight wich is centuries old. Until they give up the revenge killing aspect which was what started this off att he begining a few days ago those three Israeli tens killed and then one Palestinian teen killed and then the ugliness began again. Pull back and look at it from both sides not just from one. Did you ever debate in school? If so debate first from the Palestinian side now try to look at it from the Isreli side. to me both are in the wrong and I'm fed up with both the governments. If they cared truly about their peoples they would come to the table stop the killings and seriously negotiate. If one continues living by the sword one will die by that same sword. Peace is the only way out for both. Thank you for this lovely interaction I enjoy sharing information and views.