Rain Rain! Go Home Now! [Nursery Rhyme]

Rain o rain!

Why do you come again?

Go home now, will you?

We cannot play at all, please go!


Water is everywhere already,

Every place is wet and slippery,

O rain! I am so angry with you,

Please just go!


After a few days you can come again,

But, now stop this pain, o rain!

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bishu's picture

Glad to see your new genre Bondhu

I enjoy Nursery Rhymes.. Lovely !!!!



KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much. :)

allets's picture

rain rain go away little

rain rain
go away
little johnny
wants to play
come what will
come what may
come again some
other day.
all I can remember - I love nurery rhymes, they were my first poems read as a kid and memorized (sorta) :D
May the rain cease and return in moderation.



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Thank you

Like you I also wish that the rain should return in moderation! :)