That’s the dash,
That dashed that day,
That that dude dowsed Dan.
Dan, dazed, dove deep down;
Down that dam that drank deaths.

That dash did daze those days,
Those days that those Danes died.
Those Danes’d dug deep down,
Down that deep damsel’s ditch,
Doing those deals that dazed them.
That ditch doubled her dam,
Double-double, drilling did them dull.

Duck deal doled deep down…
Damsels doled dick’s doze,
Dan’s dudes drilled deep down,
Doubling that dash did them dull,
Dane death those dudes thought;
But French death Dan’s dudes done.

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Onome's picture

That Dash

MD, damn deeper and damper is that dash and dare need I joggle my daunted dazed brain 'cos that dash has dribbled a headache into my head. Would I be correct to say that, that dash is a dare dabble doodle(picture,image) of drugs, murder,gang rape,dare devil deals, gangster, relationships, ghetto etc ? I really can't seem to piece it all together right now but these are the scenes that kept cropping up in my mind's eye. I might be wrong though. Now, what do I think about that dash ? That dash digs down deep causing the mind to be dipped in a mental drill and leaves one dumbfounded. In all, MD, its a very beautiful crafted donnish piece. Thumbs up !