A Pair


I know why you follow me around

I attract homeless crack heads

You worry about me and you will waste away  

Please remember I need to have my time to play

You are crazy all day

I have to watch my way around

Cuz you might be...

Oh never mind

But I will always remember all the days

You made me laugh until my stomach hurt

Made me laugh until my face hurt

But whenever my heart hurt

You would make it better with a hug

And even when you bug me

I will remember then

That you are just trying to protect me

My protector

My angel mother

You are beautiful

You will always be apart of me

I'm so happy I got to be apart

A little part of you life

Even if I move away someday

I will always come back and relive our times together

And our smiles we shared

We are mother and daughter forever

We are a pair

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vipervenomnu's picture

wow! I don't know why but I really like the way this one flows. I think you are getting better. I especially like the part about laughing until your face and stomach hurt. Those are the best days.