Now That the Truth Comes Out

Break Ups


What have I denied you

What'd I hold back

You know I just 

Don't like bein lied to

That's all I ask

But no, you didn't care

I promised passion

And you laughed at it

I promised love

And you couldn't

Let yourself have it

And now, I hope

You can't get past it

I hope you never forget it

I hope you always regret it

I might be sheddin tears

But I could never let it

Tear me down for good

You're not good enough for that

I thought you were

But my instincts told 

Me never to trust you

You got mad thinkin I didn't

And so what if I didn't

You gave no reason to trust you

No real reason to think I could love you

You're just a little girl tryin to be a woman

And you think age doesn't matter

Maybe for someone who can feel something real

Who doesn't run away from 

What comes after

Someone who only expects respect

If they give it

And doesn't treat everything 

Someone else does with laughter

You thought somehow you 

Might be my life's next chapter

But you were about a page

If that, and it doesn't matter

How can what you said be true

That you're too busy

That it won't work

When you let it slip you had someone else

So that's why you can't be with me

So don't ever say my name

Don't ever look my way

Don't think that down the road

Some shiny day

I might give you a chance

You're not worth my time

And I don't mind that now

You tried to say you were better

Than the others

But that's a lie now that the truth comes out

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