Why Do We Write?



Why do we write?
Are we selfish?
Or trying to escape?
No, it’s not for us.


We write for the boy,
Who never hears
His mother’s
Reassuring voice.


We write for the girl,
Who never feels
The embrace
Of her father’s arms.


We write for the friends,
Who never remember
What sadness is
When they’re together.


We write for the teams,
That never recall
The last loss
When they raise the trophy.


We write for the ones we love,
Who will never forget
The sound
Of our voice.


We write for the parents,
Who will never move past
The last glimmer
In the eyes of their child.


We write for the discriminated,
Who will never give up
On the dream
Of a hero.


We write for the world,
Who will never lose
Her graceful beauty
Even in the darkest times.


We write for the voiceless,
Who will never stay silent
Even though we ignore
Their words.


We write for the complacent,
Who will never change
Even when
We need them the most.


We write for the unjust,
Who will never understand
The pain they cause
The suffering they inflict.


We write to be heard.
We write to make a difference.
We write to be happy.
We write to be sad.
We write to explore freedom.
We write to remember.
We write to forget.
We write to ignore.
We write to hear.


Why do we write?
We write because the world needs to speak.
We write because the world wants to listen.
We write because some of us never forget.
We write because the world needs to change.

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Good Summation

Why do I write? All of the above :D - slc