Reverse Psychology

The Lust

Break down my barriers and shelter me inside
Those warm troubles alibies that you think coincide
To the solution of a sex-driven vile pride
And behind the shadows of seduction you hide.

Well, oh two can play this game of seek
Don't be so shy, you're coming off as weak.
You started this all with those "please save me" eyes
Don't act like this was going to be a surprise.

I know what you are and how many women you've taken
And yet, here you are, like a baby, you're shakin'
And with that cool calmness, I know, boy you're fakin'

Because we both know that you've sadly mistaken


For the victim
For I am the  alpha
And you are to kneel.

I take to thee what has been so terribly deserved
Now it's your turn to get unnerved
Because I know your games, and I will not be attached
I have come to tie you to the matress, unmatched
My dominance is to your submissive surprise
As I take the sweet something between your thighs

You beg for mercy as I move through your soul
And you beg and plead for me to say "I love you so"
But how could I ever love anyone such as you
After everything you've put them through?

Now it's time someone did it to you. 

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