It's Just A Tree

Grandpa pointed to it on my 7th birthday and said,
“There is your gift from me.”
Not seeing any presents I said, 
“Grandpa, it’s just a tree.”

“Some may say it’s just a tree.” he said,
“that only offers shade,
but when I was young it was a mighty fortress
and it’s leaves were made of jade.”

“When I began to climb this tree
insects would bow and birds would sing
and every branch would lift me higher
for they knew
I was their king.”

“And when I climbed to the very top.
I was no longer in a tree.
I was in the crows nest of a pirate ship
sailing the seven seas....”

And he was right...
I spent years climbing it...
and it was anything I imagined it to be...
It was everything I ever wanted
and it was never...just a tree.

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I Had A Tree

Planted by my great grandmother who I never knew, but her tree was my castle above the lilacs. Acacia blooms in spring turned my world into wonderland. I knew each bough like a friend. :D